Feather & Bloom, the origins.

Feather & Bloom was born out of the desire to create beautiful hats and headwear that offer quality, a personal service and value for money.

Amelia and Rose, the founders of Feather & Bloom are trained in traditional couture millinery. Couture is a world in which only perfection exists, every stitch is by hand and ideally invisible. With such perfection of course comes an equitable cost. Amelia, being very much a Champagne taste, Prosecco budget kinda gal and one that believes perfection is by far the least adventurous option, knew there was another path that might lead to beautiful hats being created. Hats that likeminded ladies would be proud to wear.

So in 2017, with an ear to the ground and glass in her hand Amelia and her then business partner Rose set about creating Feather and Bloom.

We've come a long way since then. Feather & Bloom moved from the kitchen table to a wonderful studio in the summer of 2018. We've created a loyal customer base and hundreds of hats that have been worn with pride everywhere from Royal Ascot to Buckingham Palace itself. Rose has left the business with dreams of travelling the globe but we very much hope she carries the Feather & Bloom spirit wherever she goes. Amelia however has become a crazy hat lady, and that's just how we like it!

The hat world can expect a lot more from Feather & Bloom, we can promise that much and I hope you follow the rest of our adventure...

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